First Place Loons Feasting at the Plate(s)

First Place Loons Feasting at the Plate(s)

Photo Credit: Great Lakes Loons  ~ #13 James Outman and Luke Heyer – Mashing

Screenshot (15)
Chef Rob Walton & Manager Mark Kertenian at MILB cooking contest at Camelback Ranch

Great Lakes – Eatin’ Great

This team is playing at a high level. Entering play on Friday, John Shoemaker‘s boys were two games in front of the second place Captains of Lake County. Thus far the Loons are enjoying that home cooking, with a record of 16 – 12 at Dow Diamond. The team’s record is even more impressive on the road where they have gobbled up the competition with a 20 – 9 mark. These guys are loading up on more than just stats in 2019. They are dishing up healthy, fresh-prepared, organic meals that are providing much-needed nourishment. It is not quite the secret ingredient to their success, but it doesn’t hurt.

The Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate will have several representatives in the Midwest League All-Star game later this month. This roster is loaded with talent and highly touted prospects, like Jacob Amaya, Leonel Valera, John Rooney, Zach Willeman, Robinson Ortiz and Miguel Vargas. Without the efforts of the organization to provide a chef and equipment for this endeavor, what would the Dodgers prospects be eating? Chef Rob Walton controls the variables and vegetables. Chef Walton helps to ensure that the stars of tomorrow are at peak health and nutrition.

Attention to Detail

The Los Angeles Dodgers develop prospects extremely effectively. There are lots of moving parts and staff collaboration that go into that goal. Developmental staff, medical staff including strength and conditioning coaches and trainers help facilitate this. All the hard work and attention to detail may be set-back by a prospects poor nutrition and eating habits. The Dodgers take control by making sure that their player’s diets match the efforts of training and development. A personal chef is a great way to ensure your prized prospects maintain a certain amount of excellence in their food choices.

“I cook 3 meals a day for the team for 140 days straight.”  Chef Rob Walton – Los Angeles Dodgers Organization

Rob Walton has been the Chef in Ogden for five years now. For the 2019 season, he has been asked by the organization to also have a set up in Great Lakes. The prototype of what we want to do is to have a chef and equipment assigned to every team {in the organization}.” His love for the players and what he provides for them is evident in his attitude, demeanor and his dedication to his craft. The man cooks all these players meals for a little over four months.

Rob Walton has a trailer that is a fully set up and stocked professional kitchen to prepare the best meals for these prospects. As he put it, “A pro-style kitchen inside of a trailer that I pull behind a one-ton diesel truck and I follow the team everywhere.” This is where the master crafts up his finest dishes for the team to devour. Chef Walton is so dedicated, he describes how he shows up early to road games before the opposing team arrives. His phrase, “physiological warfare,”  is appropriate as the players are smelling the amazing aromas. Realizing quickly, that food is for the Dodgers guys, not for them.

Audio Interview with Chef Rob Walton Below:

Traveling around, cooking for the players and staff in the trailer, that is a ton of work. In my ideal version of this scenario, the trailer is loaded up with video editing and camera equipment. Traveling around to all the affiliates conducting important interviews and collecting prospect footage. Sign me up. Until that day, kudos to the Dodgers for investing a little extra in the minor league players in their organization.


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