Jose Rojas – Shocking Halos Fans This Spring

Jose Rojas – Shocking Halos Fans This Spring

Photo Credit: Jerry Espinoza

For some Angels fans, the emergence of Jose Rojas has been a complete surprise. However, for those who have seen him play in the organization in the past, his hot spring training start is almost expected. Rojas, who was drafted by the Angels in the 36th round of the June 2016 draft, has opened some eyes this spring. The 26 year old from Anaheim has been driving through baseballs consistently, starting with his first professional baseball experience in Orem. There he hit over 300 (.308) in 221 at-bats, Rojas had 68 hits and 104 Total Bases. Jose is a career .291 hitter in three seasons, with 1199 plate appearances.


Jose Rojas was drafted from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. A relatively small school, at least as far as producing MLB talent. Baseball is a sport where quick hands, hand/eye coordination and bat speed can propel you above your background in a hurry. Rojas has developed nicely in his time with the Angels system.

Can his excellent start to spring training catapult Rojas into the Angels 25 man roster? Time will reveal this answer, but at this moment, he may be starting 2019 in Salt Lake City for the AAA Bees. He remains a viable option in case of injuries. He makes himself an asset with his versatility at the plate, and also in the field. He can play First Base, Second Base, Third Base and even some Outfield in a pinch. There is a real chance Jose Rojas is playing in Anaheim before rosters expand in September.

2017 Cal League ASG HR Derby Photo Credit: Jerry Espinoza

Jose Rojas is an extra-base hit waiting to happen, every time he steps in the batter’s box. Exciting times for the fans of the Angels.


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