Hey, I Host a Podcast…

Hey, I Host a Podcast…

Interviewing with Jeremy Rodriguez and Starling Heredia ~ Photo Credit: Tomo San


…and you should have a listen.

It is true, someone was crazy enough to let me host their podcast. The guys and gals over at Dodgers-LowDown all voted that we should have a podcast, then I volunteered myself to host the show. And by hosting the show, I mean, producing, editing, finding guests, logistics and anything else connected to a podcast. I am not complaining, I am excited every chance I get to interact with Dodgers staff, players and personnel.

At this time, I have only produced the first two episodes, which I made the executive decision to name them both, the same name. We have already had some exciting guests on the show, which is named The LowDown! In the first episode, I spoke with new Quakes Manager Mark Kertenian as well as the new Bench Coach for the OKC Dodgers. In the Mark Kertenian segment, I try to get the new skipper to guarantee another Title in Rancho, I almost badger him, what a great sport he is, and my thanks go out to him once again. In our segment with JRod, we speak about several things to include his new promotion and his year in Ogden in 2018.

DLD The Lowdown Podcast Logo
The Logo ~ Graphic Design Credit: James Schneider

The next episode featured a couple of Dodger prospects, along with new Tulsa Drillers Bench Coach, Petie Montero. I also spoke with Jake, or Jacob Amaya, and hard-throwing RHP Zach Willeman. A huge thank you to all our guests, who have taken their valuable time. As some of you may know by now, I am obsessed with going to Dodgers / White Sox Fantasy Camp in 2020, so I need all the clicks possible, by my calculations I need every person on earth to download and share this podcast, twice, to have a shot at making enough to pay for camp next year! So download and share away, once with your regular account, and once with your burner account!

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