Thoughts on Fantasy Camp – Part 2

Thoughts on Fantasy Camp – Part 2

Camelback Ranch – Featured Photo Credit: 

I have started my journey towards getting in (somewhat) decent shape for Dodgers and White Sox Fantasy Camp in 2020. I have played catch. Although that may not seem like much to you, it felt like a lot to me. It has been a few days now, and I still feel the after-effects of playing catch. Initially, I was surprised by how wonderful my arm felt the day after playing catch for the first time in an embarrassingly long time. Day two, three and four, I have felt the pain of age and muscles that were once where they are no longer.

Julio Urias and I at Camelback Ranch March 2018

I work as a Public Address Announcer at various colleges including where my playing career concluded, Mt. San Jacinto. I can never seem to get out to any of the practices or show up early to the games. After the games I work, that is my best shot at playing catch. Luckily, Eagles Catcher Bobby Doerr was nice enough to notice me with an underused catcher’s mitt and a ball. He gave me the nod like, “you wanna throw?” To which I nodded right back,  I was happy for the non-verbal communication. I felt a bit shy to ask a player to play catch with me.

The Jac Photo Credit: Mt. San Jacinto College

We started slow and I felt comfortable throwing with this player. He is a big dude, so hitting him in the chest was not too difficult. We possibly played catch for about 4 minutes, maybe 150 feet at our farthest distance. Nothing too crazy, I knew my limitations and cut it short. Yet, still feeling that soreness four days later. So obviously, I have a long way to go. I may never get where I want to be as far as fitness goals, but I still want to give it my best.

Fantasy Camp 2020 Interest List

Perhaps you are wanting to go to fantasy camp, but are afraid you will make a fool of yourself, don’t worry… you will. Best of all, some of your baseball idols will be there to laugh at you too. It is alright, every camper is in the same situation. Some participants are literally in their 70’s and 80’s, yet still finding the courage to step out and play a child’s game, one more time. Those guys really inspired me at this last camp. If you are on the fence about going and playing baseball again at a fantasy camp, unless you are really old, there will be someone older and possibly slower than you are. Don’t worry, it is about having fun! It is about the experience of a lifetime. Click on the link above, and let’s get started working out, slowly….together!! Calling all Dodger and White Sox fans!!





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