Layne Somsen

Layne Somsen

Best Pitcher in Dodgers System?

Layne Somsen is perhaps not the answer most would have given to the question. However, he is the answer for the pitcher with the most innings thrown, yet to allow an earned run. In the early 2017 season, from a statistical standpoint, the righty reliever is the best pitcher in the Dodgers system. Somsen, who made his MLB debut nearly one year ago (May 14, 2016) for the Cincinnati Reds, has pitched in his first 9 games of this season, 14.2 innings, without yielding an earned run. Layne Somsen has always had a low earned run average in his minor league career (2.57). The Yankton South Dakota native had a bump in the road last season with Oklahoma City, his uncharacteristically high ERA and WHIP in 6 games indicated a problem. He was placed on the disabled list for the rest of the 2016 campaign.

Layne Somsen 3/3 vs Royals at ST Photo by S. Douglas

The Dodgers of Oklahoma City have a bullpen that some MLB teams would love to have. Layne Somsen is a name that is sometimes overlooked among the bunch of bigger, more flashy names. Somsen, obviously over his injuries of a year ago, has been one of the most consistent relievers in all of baseball to this point in 2017. It has not been easy. Baseball, particularly in the PCL, never is. The Jackrabbit Alum has had his share of walks (6) and hits (9) allowed, he has worked out of jams and had many chances to keep the opposing hitters from driving in runs.

Layne Somsen Pitching on 3/3 at ST Photo by S. Douglas

If Layne Somsen continues his assault on opposing batters in the PCL, we may see him and his tenacious spirit on the mound in Los Angeles well before the September call ups. Lots of injuries and stuff would need to happen, certainly not wishing that upon any MLB team. It would be nice to see Layne helping the Dodgers bullpen this year, in Oklahoma and in Los Angeles. For fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers, its a comfort to know that dependable relievers like Somsen are only a flight away.

Layne Somsen 2017 Pitching Stats *5/7/17

W L ERA G   H     R/ER    BB    SO IP
2 0 0.00 9    9    2 / 0    6   13 14.2


Layne Somsen Career Minor League Stats

W L ERA G     H     R/ER    BB    SO IP
12 7 2.57 105 164 77 / 60 92 210 210.0


Layne Somsen Photo Credit Leo Weekly

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