Pitching Coach’s Dream – Trevor Oaks

If you subscribe to, or can relate with the famous utterings of one Yogi Berra, you will understand why a pitching coach, or any fan of the game can appreciate the efforts of Trevor Oaks on the mound.

“Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical” ~ Yogi Berra

Oaks is a pitcher who has a great mentality. Throws strikes, attacks the bottom of the strike zone and induces weak contact. He lets his teammates do the heavy lifting when it comes to defense. There have been may times in a baseball game, when a pitcher will just about drive everyone in the stadium or watching, crazy! Their stuff is great, hitters are taking defensive swings, yet, the pitcher is nibbling here, there and every where. Leading to walks, long counts and defensive players growing less nimble by the pitch. Not Trevor Oaks, and when he does miss the strike zone, the movement on his array of pitches may have been to blame.

Trevor Oaks ST 2017 Pitching Stats Before 3/19 Start

W        L        ERA       G       IP       H
 1         0        0.00      4       7.2      8
R      ER      BB        K        AVG    WHIP
 1       0         3           7       .267      1.43
Trevor Oaks began 2016 with Class A Rancho Photo Courtesy of Jerry Espinoza


Trevor Oaks Stat line: 3/19 Start

IP        H       R        ER        BB        K        ERA
 3          3       0         0          0          2         0.00

Trevor Oaks comes right after hitters. He is aggressive in the lower portion of the zone and is effective partly because of how much movement his pitches have. Trevor likes the idea of being known as a pitcher who doesn’t waste any time, as I found out in our first interview back in December of ’16  Trevor Oaks Interview Part 1. He throws a variety of pitches, to include a slider, and a cutter he has been throwing since last season, but his specialty is the sinker. His sinker, which has been referred to in some circles as a “power sinker,” is a pitching coach’s best friend, it is certainly Trevor’s. He induces ground ball double plays to squash would be rally’s of the opposing team.  Do not be scared off by a higher batting average against, he throws strikes and makes hitters put the ball in play, usually on the ground. A ball in play will find the hole in the defense from time to time.

T. Oaks just before 3/19 start Vs. Japan Photo Credit Matt Gramata


Trevor Oaks ST Complete Stats after Start Vs. Japan on 3/19

W        L        ERA       G       IP       H
1         0        0.00       5      10.2     11
R      ER      BB        K        AVG    WHIP
 1       0         3           9       .xxx      x.xx

Today vs Japan after two scoreless innings, Trevor had thrown 10 pitches, 9 of which were strikes. That is very typical of the type of pitcher Oaks is. I wanted to know a bit more about how Trevor was feeling after his start today, so I asked him.

My Question:

How are you feeling after today’s start as far as your arm and thoughts on your game?

Trevor’s Response:

“I felt good, my command wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but I was a lot closer to hitting my spots. I was happy with the outing, but I know what I need to work on moving forward. I was really happy with the weak contact, and my cutter. But I need to get my slider going again, it was a little inconsistent today.”

Special thanks to Trevor Oaks for a bit of insight into his mindset right after today’s performance. I have spoke to Trevor after every appearance he has made this spring training. Interview with Trevor at ST ’17  Keep in mind his ERA is still at 0.00, no matter, Trevor always finds faults in his performance and perhaps more importantly, he is trying to learn from those situations and better himself, great news for the Dodgers! Not stellar news for opposing hitters!

Trevor Oaks at OKC Photo Credit Tony Capobianco

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